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Danica Silver Necklace

Danica Silver Necklace

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Introducing a statement piece that seamlessly blends bold design with understated elegance. The Danica Silver Necklace boasts a substantial hand-designed imperfect ring, adding a touch of artisanal allure to your ensemble. The pendant gracefully hangs from a strand of 14mm chocolate moonstones, each stone exuding a rich and earthy charm. Embrace the unique fusion of the heavy imperfect ring and the lustrous moonstones, creating a captivating necklace that captures the essence of individuality and sophistication in every facet. Elevate your style with this distinctive accessory, where craftsmanship and natural beauty converge in a harmonious fashion.

Necklace length: 18.5 in
Necklace material: 14mm Chocolate Moonstones

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