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How it's made

Collection 1304 jewelry begins with raw metal, clay, wax, and other materials that Hannah uses to sculpt a model of each element within the jewelry. From pendants, to links, to closures, she meticulously creates forms that fit her vision for every piece. Hannah's favorite method of designing is to carve metal using the subtractive sculpture process. 

About The Designer

Meet Hannah Glover, a visionary jewelry designer with a passion for the enduring beauty of artful adornment. With an academic background in the fine arts and a specialization in sculpting, Hannah brings a wealth of expertise and a keen eye for detail to the world of jewelry design.

Drawing inspiration from the soulful essence of antique pieces that bear the marks of being worn and cherished over a lifetime, Hannah has dedicated her career to creating wearable works of art. Her designs transcend the fleeting trends of fashion, embodying a timeless quality that promises longevity and a legacy of style.

The launch of her latest collection is a testament to this enduring philosophy. Each piece, all made in the USA, is meticulously crafted from solid bronze or sterling silver, materials chosen for their lasting durability and their ability to gain character with age. Hannah believes that jewelry should not only be an extension of one's personal style but also a companion through life's journeys, evolving and becoming more precious with time, so with this, each piece is expertly coated to eliminate tarnishing.  

Hannah's creations are more than just accessories; they are a celebration of the beauty of permanence in an ever-changing world. With this new line, she invites you to find a piece that speaks to you, one that you will reach for day after day, year after year, creating your own story that is as unique as the designs themselves.