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Carmen Bronze Earrings

Carmen Bronze Earrings

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Introducing a unique and classy earrings that beautifully showcases the artisan's touch, the Carmen Bronze Earrings. Crafted with intentional imperfections, these earrings highlight the distinctive nature of handwork, adding character and individuality to each piece.

The true essence of these earrings lies in the intricate setting of seven dazzling CZs in each, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and imperfection. Embrace the artistry of the designer's work as these earrings seamlessly marry elegance with the charm of intentional flaws. Elevate your style with this classy pair that captures the beauty in both precision and imperfection, making each set a wearable work of art.

Length: 1.85 in
Width: 1.36 in
Material: Solid bronze
Ear wire: Gold filled

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