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Carberry Sterling Cuff

Carberry Sterling Cuff

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Embrace the allure of the uniquely aged with our custom-created solid sterling silver Carberry Sterling Cuff—an artisanal masterpiece designed for those who appreciate the authenticity of handcrafted art. Meticulously crafted to feel worn and aged, this bangle features integrated pitted areas and worn spots, each telling a story of craftsmanship and individuality. Deviating from the uniformity of machine-made pieces, this bangle invites you to wear a truly distinctive accessory that embodies the charm of imperfection. Elevate your style with this custom creation, where the warmth of sterling silver and the curated signs of age converge in a bangle that stands out as a testament to genuine craftsmanship.

Cuff width: .47 in wide
Approximate size: 5.75 in (1.2 in opening)
Materials: Sterling Silver

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