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Collection 1304

Aura Bronze Bangle

Aura Bronze Bangle

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Introducing the Aura Bronze Bangle from Collection 1304—a wearable masterpiece born from the hands of artisan designer and owner, Hannah Glover. This bangle is deliberately crafted to embrace imperfections and wear, creating a distinct aesthetic that resonates with individuality.

Each piece in Collection 1304 is a testament to Hannah's unique vision and craftsmanship. The Aura Bronze Bangle is no exception, featuring intentional irregularities that add character and charm. Made to be worn and appreciated, this bangle is not just an accessory; it's an artistic expression of authenticity.

Adorn yourself with a piece that transcends traditional perfection, celebrating the beauty in life's unique nuances. The Aura Bronze Bangle is a wearable reminder that true beauty lies in the artistry of imperfection.

Bangle width: .28 in wide (7.3mm)
Approximate size: 8.13 in (2.56 in diameter)
Materials: Bronze


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